Big-B Music Tuition

About Lessons

For  younger Students (up to say, grade 3),  a 20 min individual lesson is ample. Older students (grades 4, 5 and 6) can often benefit from and cope easily with a 30 min individual session.  High school students usually benefit from longer sessions and Adults nearly always need 45 mins or an hour unless they’re very self directed and the lesson is really just a quick 30min “ check up + goal assignment”.

 Group tuition provides a different dynamic and the younger students are often fine with the longer 30 & 45 min group lessons.  The group tuition environment is healthy, as the friendly competition/empathy can be a wonderful driver (assuming everyone is practising).  It always seems that a bit of both is the ideal balance, so perhaps that may be worth considering. 

The Group Lessons are currently offered as follows;
  • 30 min shared Group of 2 
  • 45 min shared Group of 2,  Group of 3   or  Group of 4